An underlay prevents your carpet to slide. An underlay gives extra comfort and extends the life of your carpet. All patchworks of Viteaux Originals have a standard underlay, but also for the recoloured rugs and Beni Ouarain carpets we recommend anti-slip mats.


For most spots you can have your carpet cleaned by following these steps:

  1. Try to remove the moisture with a tablespoon if the moisture has not been intirely sucked into the carpet.
  2. Take a cotton kitchen towel moistened with lukewarm or sparkling water.
  3. Dab the spot again until it is gone. Do not rub the stain because then it will be pushed into the carpet.
  4. Dab the carpet with a clean tea towel dry.

Carpet cleaning

For the professional cleaning of your carpet, you can contact Bright & Clean:

Bright & Clean
Scheepvaartweg 5
3356 LL Papendrecht
phone: 078-6440990
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