Overdyed carpets 

Viteaux Originals imports vintage handmade Persian carpets from Turkey and Morroco. We specialize in vintage patchwork-, recolored and Beni Ouarain carpets of the highest quality. A musthave for the vintage design lover.

  • Recoloured rugs
    Recoloured rugs

    Beautiful recolored Persian rugs. Viteaux originals offers many sizes and many colors.
    Our recoloured rugs are available from stock.

    Do you have specific requirements regarding the size and color? We can do a custom search for you within our extensive network of suppliers. Please feel free to contact us

  • Patchwork rugs
    Patchwork rugs

    All patchworks are handmade and made out of decades-old Persian carpets.
    We source our rugs direct from various certified suppliers. Our quality is one of the best. Check out the variety of patchwork rugs in our webshop.all rugs in ourwebshop are in stock.

    For specific requirements regarding the size and color. We offer customized rugs. We can make each patchwork carpet in the desired color and size. For questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Collectors items
    Collectors items

    Viteaux Originals is always looking for unique and collectable items, we sometimes run into rely unique rugs. The rugs offered are from the famous Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam. We managed to got a hold on these two beauties.

  • Previously sold
    Previously sold

    In this category you can find carpets that we have sold in the past. Because all rugs are unique, it gives a good impression of what things that are possible if you see a nice carpet here and can't find a nice one on our website.

    Please send us a picture and we can look if we can find an almost similar rug.

  • Hutspot Amsterdam
    Hutspot Amsterdam

    Hutspot is located on the van Woustraat and Rozengracht in Amsterdam. It is shop were they sell all different kinds of goods. Its also hosts a café, gallery, workspace & hangout! For beautiful vintage furniture, hip clothing and a good cup of coffee, this is the right place visit. Since early 2013, you can also find rugs and pillows of Viteaux Originals in both stores. Visiting hours: check their website!

  • In stock
    In stock

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